Political advertisement paid for and approved by Janet Hooper, non-partisan candidate for Safety Harbor Mayor.

​​This mayoral race is not just about downtown or condos … it’s about the entire City and all the issues different neighborhoods face. Safety Harbor is not broken; it is a great place to live, work and play. Growing pains are inevitable, and we should grow and can grow without sacrificing our core personality. I am not anti-development,  I AM PRO RESIDENT.

My Economic Plan:
Can we improve the business climate in Safety Harbor? Absolutely. The issue is complex and not only about density or high rent or a mixture of businesses. As a former small business owner myself I understand the challenges business owners face every day.

  • Create a more positive business climate by bringing the business owners, landlords, City, Chamber and residents together to create a plan for success.
  • Hire a part time Economic Development position combine it with a part time Community Liaison position to help with recruitment of new businesses and to streamline the permitting process (for residents and businesses). This will positively impact the business community and shore up a need in the City.
  • Increase Community Redevelopment Agency grant dollars for businesses to include interior renovations.
  • Consider mixed use buildings for parts of the downtown corridor.
  • Create incentives for residents to shop local.

Preserving the Core Essence of Safety Harbor: When you ask people why they moved here they say they fell in love with Safety Harbor, they love the small-town vibe and the tree-lined streets. We have grown as a City and will continue to grow.  

  • Manage our growth and plan for it so the infrastructure is in place first.
  • Protect our tree canopy and seek alternatives to cement and asphalt for parking areas
  • Keep the natural shoreline at the Waterfront Park and add boat trailer parking.
  • Equally protect the property values of all residents
  • Strictly enforce a height limit of 35’
  • Future development should enhance our city.

Taxes and budgets: I have managed the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center on a shoe string budget for the last eight years, with clean audits every year. Today the Center is one of only 2,000 non-profits in the country that is certified by the Council on Accreditation in both operations and finance. I am well versed in all aspects of operations from finance to facility management.

  • We passed one of the lowest tax rates in the area with a 2. 4% decrease in the millage rate this year.
  • I will plan for infrastructure upgrades to manage the financial impact on the budget.
  • I believe in maintaining the optimal balance between revenue and expense to allow us to grow without large tax increases.

Other Pressing Issues: Safety Harbor is not just about the downtown area. Other issues that need to be solved include:

  • Drainage and erosion issues in North Bay Hills area around Bishop Creek
  • Adding sidewalks and street lights within the City to increase safety.
  • Street light fee renewal
  • Hospital expansion up in the Briar Creek area

Waterfront Park: My vision is the park will be a place that is flexible to accommodate special events as well as place to enjoy the natural beauty of the bay.

  • Add in trees, small shaded areas with picnic tables, benches, and a playground area by the north end so families can come enjoy the park.
  • Add boat trailer parking around the bathrooms using a natural surface.
  • Keep the natural shoreline and limit the cement hardscapes throughout the park.

Environment: We have many wonderful family parks throughout the City for everyone to enjoy. I am honored to be endorsed by the Suncoast Sierra Club.

  • Educating our children to preserve our environment for generations to come.
  • Encourage recycling, using clean fuels and eliminating the use of harmful pesticides
  • Preserve our tree canopy that helps to keep our property values high.

Public service:
I believe that a good public servant is one who listens to the residents, seeks out the facts, and makes decisions based on what is best for the City and the residents. Over the last two years as your Commissioner, that is what I have done. I have given back to the community by volunteering in many organizations to make Safety Harbor a better place to live, work and play.

At the end of the day, we are all Safety Harbor